Providing an education quality that meets all the expectations of our students, such as succeeding in every changing system, gaining moral values and social development, requiring individual attention, and possessing effective communication skills in a rapidly evolving world.



Classes are taught taking into account students’ individual differences and needs, based on academic research. The focus is on developing their fundamental skills and applying knowledge in real-life situations.


With the awareness that academic, social, and cultural achievements hold no value without being combined with moral values, we give special importance to values education. In all our classes, at least 5 hours per week are dedicated to Values Education lessons.

Our students are taught foreign language lessons through a natural approach, where active and fluent conversation is encouraged, rather than relying on grammar patterns and rote memorization. Foreign teachers also contribute to the language education.


Weekly activities, learning outcomes, and assignments are communicated to parents through e-bulletins on Fridays, and an assignment tracking system is used to monitor progress.


On Mondays, we conduct a “Learning Outcome Assessment (LOA)” to assess and evaluate the achievements of the previous week’s lessons.


To nurture imaginative minds, broad horizons, and productive skills, we organize scientific, artistic, and cultural club activities, trips, projects, and national and international events that support development in all areas.

Our aim is for our students to use English effectively. Our 5th grade is designed as the “English Preparation Year,” and our language education continues uninterrupted until their graduation.


To prepare for centralized exams, we conduct school-wide and occasional nationwide mock exams for grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.


After the exams, detailed analyses are carried out, and individual or group tutoring sessions are organized to address any areas of weakness.


For excellent exam performance, intensive camp programs are held for 8th graders, consisting of 6 days of education and starting two months before the exams. These programs provide a solid exam success experience, resulting in achievements at many advanced levels.