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Our dedicated educational leaders, who are passionate about education and aware that each student is unique and special, put their hearts into preparing their students for life, turning it into an enjoyable pursuit. They provide more attention, more follow-up, and strive for greater success for each and every student.

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 Psychological Counseling, and Consultancy Unit focus on preventive guidance activities that take into account the developmental characteristics of our students. They aim to help students become responsible, happy, and productive individuals. The unit provides various guidance and counseling services to support the overall well-being and personal development of our students. Our Guidance, 

Preventive and Supportive Counseling


Services School, Teacher, Parent, and Student Collaboration    


Individual Student and Parent Meetings Student                 


Group Meetings


Academic Support and Counseling   


Programs Exam Monitoring and Guidance Class


Observation and Monitoring Programs


Orientation and Motivation Activities

Psychoeducation Programs


Student and Parent Development Support


Seminars Workshops for Parents Interest and Talent Awareness


Activities Motivational


Activities for Families


Educational Leadership Consultancy