Teaching methods that bring out individual differences, showcase students’ talents, and make learning enjoyable rather than difficult, along with holistic approaches.

Skills Oriented


Academic studies are conducted to identify individual differences in students’ learning styles, and based on these differences and needs, lessons are designed to impart fundamental skills and enable the transfer of knowledge to real-life situations.

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With the awareness that academic, social, and cultural knowledge is meaningless without being combined with moral values, special emphasis is placed on values education. In all of our classes, at least 5 hours per week are dedicated to Values Education lessons, where students learn about and reflect upon important moral principles and concepts.

In our preschool classes, strong English language foundations are established, and students continue their English education with a solid English preparation program in primary school. With the contribution of foreign teachers, language instruction continues seamlessly from the beginning of primary school until graduation.


On Mondays, a “Learning Outcome Assessment (LOA)” is conducted to assess and evaluate the achievements of the previous week’s lessons.


Weekly activities, books read, learning outcomes, and assignments are communicated to parents via e-Bulletin on Fridays, and teachers monitor them through the assignment tracking system.


To cultivate imaginative minds, broaden horizons, and develop productive skills in students, we organize scientific, artistic, and cultural club activities, field trips, social responsibility projects, student projects, as well as national and international events that support all areas of development.

Our approach to foreign language instruction focuses on creating an active and fluent speaking environment for students, rather than relying on grammar patterns and rote memorization. With the contribution of foreign teachers, foreign language classes are taught using a natural approach.


After the LOA implementation, detailed analyses are conducted, and based on the results, individual or group tutorials are organized to address any learning gaps.


Furthermore, we support students’ social development and prepare them to be respectful, responsible, and harmonious individuals in society. This lays the foundation for their future lives, fostering respect for others, their environment, and themselves.


All meals provided, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and all other refreshments, are prepared in accordance with the specific developmental needs of our students and adhere to the principles of “Halal and Healthy Food” sensitivity.